Inter-Company Eliminations during Consolidation

Sometimes when consolidating multiple analyses our customers will need to eliminate intercompany activity.  If you are using analyses to represent individual companies within an operating group then this may very well be the case.

There are two simple ways to eliminate your intercompany activity.

1) Use Net Accounts:   In this instance instead of having an Intercompany Receivable and Payable accounts, you would have one Intercompany Receivable (Payable) account.  This may not be optimal in all situations, but is always an easy way to solve this issue make sure intercompany activity is eliminated.

2) The next option requires the use of an "Eliminations Analysis".  See the attached Excel file ("Intercompany Eliminations") for a detailed explanation, as well as the attached Company folder to see eliminations in action within PlanGuru.

-PlanGuru Support