Sample Reports - ARA V.2

If you have already purchased the Advanced Reporting Add-In you can download the attached PlanGuru and Excel files.   Attached is a company folder for ABC Widget Corp (a sample company), and a number of Excel reports build using the Advanced Reporting Add-In.  You can use these template files to help you get starting working with the Advanced Reporting Add-In.   Follow these steps.

1.  Save the ABC Widget Corp Company folder to your data file path, and ensure that you can open it's analyses in PlanGuru.  For more information on using these files see this Knowledge base post.

2.  With the Add-In installed on your machine, save the Excel files to your desktop.  For each sample Excel report you will have to re-link the underlying ABC Widget Corp analyses.  For more information on this process see this knowledge base post.

With the ABC Widget Corp analyses on your machine, and the Excel files relinked to them you are ready to start working with the sample reports.