Release Notes: PlanGuru Desktop v8.0.0.27

February 8, 2021 Release

Fixes in this Update:
  • Archived Budget: Fixed an issue where changing the archived values for a fixed asset would cause an index out of range error message.
  • Background Processes: Fixed an issue that previously was causing a invalid row index error message to appear during saving.
  • Background Processes: Fixed an issue where some remote desktop installations of PlanGuru would crash when trying to load a company. Companies now load as fast as they did on previous versions in cloud desktop setups.
  • Background Processes: Fixed an issue were having the first historical year as an annual number caused certain projection methods to clear out the historical data.
  • Background processes: Fixed and issue were deleting or moving a row would prevent the currently selected statement from displaying properly.
  • Background processes: Fixed an issue where creating a new operating expense class could cause previous expense classes to have their headings changed.
  • Forecast Methods & Calculations: There was an issue where some manual entry categories had cells that would not allow users to make manual entries to them. This has been resolved.
  • Forecast Methods & Calculations: Supporting schedules were not retaining the setting of calculate actuals/historical in formula setup. These options are now retained and calculated for.
  • Reports (Delivered): Fixed an issue where the retained earnings report would not start with the correct beginning retained earnings balance.
  • Excel Link Functionality: Previously Excel links would not properly update when an annual rollforward was performed on an analysis. The Excel links will now update.