Release Notes: PlanGuru Desktop v8.0.0.25

October 6, 2020 Release

New Features:

· QuickBooks Online Mass Import – The ability to import into multiple analyses from multiple classes from QuickBooks Online has been added. To do so you need to first run manual imports into each analysis from QBO, after the initial import you will be prompted if you want to import from multiple QBO classes.

· Consolidations Import only Balance sheet – The ability to import only balance sheet accounts into a consolidation has been added as an import option.

· Update QuickBooks Connection Driver – The driver that makes connections to QuickBooks products has been upgraded to the 2020 version.



· Menus, Dialogs, and forms – There was an issue where column 1 could become hidden, this has now been resolved.

· Menus, Dialogs, and forms – The YTD cash flow information was not being stored correctly preventing the advanced reporting add-in from pulling the data. This has now been resolved.

· Payroll Schedule – There was an issue where after an annual rollforward the values in the payroll schedule would not automatically update. This has been corrected.

· Payroll Schedule – The lines in the payroll schedule were zeroing out actual data entered when the add/change category window was brought up. This no longer happens, and the data is retained,

· Balance Sheet – There was an issue with manually adding values to the out years on the balance sheet that would result in an error being generated and prevent the program from saving. This no longer happens

· Balance Sheet – The trends and averages projection method was not calculating correctly on the balance sheet. It now calculates as it should.

· Non-Financial – Trends and averages were not automatically updating when the analysis had a monthly roll forward performed. Now the numbers update with the roll forward.

· Non-Financial – There was an issue where if you added a grouping and then immediately saved before preforming any other action in the program and error message would be generated. This error no longer will appear.

· Ratios – If amounts of over 1 billion were being fed into the ratios tab an error would be generated. The error no longer generates.