QuickBooks Online files > Converting them to a desktop version QB Files

Note that as of PlanGuru v6 we can now import directly from QBO. The info below is still accurate but is no longer necessary.

PlanGuru's QuickBooks integration is a powerful feature of the product.

However, for the QuickBooks > PlanGuru interface to function, both applications need to be installed on the same machine.  For QuickBooks online users who also have a local version of QuickBooks, it relatively simple to move QB Online Company files to your local machine.  With the QB Company file on your local machine you can now interface the two applications.

Rather than describe this process in my own words, I've provided a link to the Intuit Community where a member has provided a helpful set of instructions for moving online QB Company files to your local machine:


If you'd like to continue using QuickBooks in the cloud for book keeping purposes and you plan to use PlanGuru for year end budgeting you might only need to perform this process once a year.  If you plan to do rolling budgets in PlanGuru (where up to date actual results are imported each month), you will simply have to move an up to date online version of your QuickBooks company to your local machine once a month after you've closed your books. 

If you don't like moving company files from QuickBooks online to your local machine then see this knowledge base post for another possible solution: