PlanGuru V6 Release Notes

Hello PlanGuru Users! We are pleased to announce the release of the newest version of our program, V6. A full list of features and improvements can be found below:


Payroll Schedule: A feature we had wanted to implement for a long time, we have now added a dedicated space to create payroll schedules. The utility creates a schedule (similar to the support schedule feature) where you can create payroll lines for individual employees, or groups of employees based off of four unique projection methods. In addition to that, the schedule will also create a Payroll Tax line item that calculates FICA, Medicare, Federal Unemployment, and up to 10 state unemployment taxes. This greatly increases the ease of producing payroll schedules in PlanGuru as before users had to build out complex formulas in the non-financial section, or link in from Excel for similar results.


Import by class for QBO: While we took a big step forward in Version 5 to be able to import directly with Quickbooks Online, we were not able to grab information by class which hampered its utility. We have improved the import to the point where we are now able to grab information by class which will allow our users to capture more detail when building out their models.


Spacer Row for Non-Financial Section: A small but extremely useful improvement. It is quite common for our users to heavily use the non-financial section. As a result they could become quite cluttered and difficult to read. Users could break this up by creating a more or less blank category, but now we have the ability to add a spacer row. It creates a bolded spacer line, and is blank across the whole row to provide a better and neater view.


Formula Builder Computing Periods for Actuals: Many users had certain metrics for that they didn’t track actual results for, but wanted to use formulas to calculate them in the non-financial section. This used to not be possible unless you manually did the math and keyed that in to each month. Now the formula builder can calculate a formula for periods using actual results.


Formula Builder Return Zero instead of Negative: When using the formula builder many users would want to create a formula however in their particular situation if the formula would calculate a negative result it wouldn’t make sense. We have created an improvement so that you can tell a formula to return a zero instead of a negative result. This gives the formula builder a lot more flexibility and is the beginning of us trying to include more conditional logic in to that tool.


Networking Capabilities are now standard: We used to offer a network, and desktop based version of the program that were priced at two different points. Now networking capabilities come standard with your PlanGuru subscription at no extra charge. This gives users a good deal more flexibility when deciding how they want to set the program up.


More to Come: This version of the program will be updated throughout with new improvements and fixes. This will include further improvements to the payroll utility and formula builder, in addition to direct integration with Xero (currently in development). This page will be updated with more improvements once they get released in to the program.