PlanGuru University - Submitting your assignments

Submitting your PGU assignments is quick and easy.  Please follow these easy  steps to make sure your properly submitting your assignments.

Step 1: Compose an e-mail to

Use this subject line: Case Study Submission

Step 2: Let us know which Scenario to review

In the body of the email, please let us know the Company Name > Project Name > Scenario Name to review for your Case Study and give us the "OK" to review it. 


Step 3: Approval

Once submitted, we will review the Case Study, and if approved, we'll email you back with your Graduate Certificate and Certified PlanGuru ProAdvisor materials!




For PlanGuru Desktop only users:

Step 1: Compose an e-mail to

Step 2: Use this subject line naming protocol

Use the class number and title in the subject line of the e-mail (Example -  2) Forecasting Methods Deep Dive  )

Step 3: Ready your analysis files for submission. 

First you will need to locate your analysis files, and send them to a compressed zipped folder.  Watch this video for more details.


Step 4:  Attach the Zipped analysis files to your e-mail.


Step 5: Add additional information or questions if necessary

Append any questions or additional information into the body of the e-mail and click send.


 Thank you, we hope you've found these instructions helpful.