PlanGuru App Update 1.9.1

April 10, 2023 Release - including New Features and Fixes

We are excited to announce the release of the latest 1.9.1 release. This release contains a large number of bug fixes but also several huge new features!

New features include the ability to create single or multi-level consolidations, some improvements to the formula builder, the ability to move and re-order your chart of accounts, and a payroll tax projection method.


Consolidations -  Users can now create projects that are made up of several business units and a consolidation. Scenarios under a consolidated projected will be known as Business Units which can be used to represent various departments or locations. Users can create simple consolidations containing just one level of business units and one consolidation on top of them, or complex setups involving multiple consolidations at different levels.



Move Mode -  While users could use re-order their chart of accounts the end of their first import they could not do so after that. However, with this release we have given the user to reorder their chart of accounts. This option can be found on the left-hand menu under the Utilities section. Using that mode users can change the order of the accounts in their income statement, balance sheet, or any of the assumption tabs.



Payroll Tax Method - There is now a dedicated payroll tax method available in any of the assumption tabs. This can be accessed in any line in the assumption tabs that is set to the line type of “Payroll”. This allows users to point a tax to any number of compensation lines and have that tax calculate automatically, including the ability to cap out the tax. These tax rates can be set and edited at the company setup level and can be changed after the fact.



Formula Builder Improvements - Several improvements were made to the formula builder. Firstly, when choosing the option to accumulate formula results, you can now choose an option to have the accumulation reset every year. This logic allows for more flexibility when creating formulas. We have also added a “Change In” function. Using this you can point the method to a certain line and the formula will give you the monthly change in the target line.


Ability to include Account Numbers in Reports -  When we initially released the formula builder it was implemented without the user being able to pull account numbers into that report. We have now made that improvement and given the users the option to include account numbers or not in their reports.


Grouping Speed Improvements - Creating subtotal groups used to take a considerable amount of time but we have greatly improved the speed of that process. Now it should be able to delete and create subtotal groupings in roughly one third of the time.


Bug Fixes:

Assumptions Calculations – Wrong Factor Format for Annual Periods: There was an issue users would run in to if they were using a decimal as the assumptions factor. That would work fine for monthly periods but if a number with a decimal was entered for a manual period it would be rounded. For example, an entry of .33 would be rounded to 0. This has been fixed and annual periods will now except decimal factors.


Standard and Total Groups – Cannot Delete Lines: If you have lines that are within a standard group or subtotal group you were unable to delete them. You had to delete the group first then delete out the line you wanted to. This has been resolved and users can now delete lines within a group.


Add/Edit Line – Locked Grey Screen: Some users ran into a rare issue where they would not be able to add lines or edit lines. Upon trying to bring up those screens the users would just get a blank grey screen. This was caused by adding an assumption tab and then exiting the scenario without adding anything to that tab. This has been corrected and will no longer happen.


Excel Import – Issue with Equity Import: Some users ran into an issue using the Excel import when trying to import into the equity section. Sometimes Retained Earnings would not import correctly and capital accounts would have random adjustments in the first month. These issues have been fixed and should no longer be happening.


Subtotal Groups – Losing “Total” part of total line: Sometimes when a subtotal group was expanded and collapsed the total line would lose the “Total” part of the description. This wouldn’t cause problems in the sheet but would present an issue with reports as those totals would not display the correct numbers when the report was pulled. This has been corrected and will no longer happen.

Reports – Issue With Pulling Multiple Assumption Tabs: If a user was trying to pull a report that was made up of multiple assumption tabs or a financial statement and an assumption tab, the formatting would get messed up and it wouldn’t export correctly. This has been resolved and multiple assumption tabs can be pulled without issue now.


Reports – Match Date Range Displaying 0 for Group Headers: A small graphical issue with reports, if a user was using the “Match Date Range” format, the header of subtotal groups would have a 0 in each column instead of just being blank. This has been fixed and those rows should now properly show was blank all the way across.