PlanGuru App Update 1.8.2

November 20, 2022 Release - including New Features and Fixes


Smart Group Totals now match Lines- When smart groups were initially released the format of the "Total" lines would always be whole numbers and the total column would be a sum. In some cases this format didn't make sense so this has been improved and they should now match the lines that are part of the total. If a variable is formatted as a % with an average total column, its "Total" should also be formatted as % with an average for the total column.

Assumption Tabs - Remove "Days in Month" from top of added tabs: A small tweak, we have removed the "Days in month" line from the top of all added assumption tabs. It should only be there in the first default assumption tab.

Reports - Ability to change order in report listing: We now have given the users the ability to re-arrange the order of reports that are displayed in the report menu. Before this was simply listed alphabetically.

Prepaid Expense Method - Missing Other Income (Expense) Section: A small improvement has been made to the Prepaid Expense method. Upon initial release this method could not be pointed at accounts in the Other Income (Expense) section. We have now given users the ability to do that.

Monthly Rollforward - Speed: The speed of the monthly rollforward has been greatly enhanced so now it should take less then 20 seconds for the process to complete.

Bug Fixes

Grouping and Subtotal Groups - Unable to add new line: A bug with regular and subtotal groups. Once the lines were grouped users were unable to add a new line to that same group. This has been fixed and users can now add those lines.

Monthly Rollforward - companySubjecttoVat Error: A rarely seen issue with the monthly rollforward, on occasion upon trying to perform one users would get the attached error and the monthly rollforward would not complete. This should no longer happen.

Smart Group - Add Item does not copy "Accumulate Amount" option from formula: When users replicated lines using the smart group feature, if one of those lines was using the "Accumulate Amount" option in its formula, that choice would not be carried over. This has been fixed.

Monthly Rollforward - Issue with VAT/Non-calendar year/Added Tabs: A very rare issue only happening to users who were using VAT with a non-calendar year and had added assumption tabs. This specific combination would cause the rollforward to not complete however this has been fixed and the process should work as normal.

Link to Assumptions - Period selector dropdown doesn't work: For some users the period selector drop would not work in the Link to Assumptions method. This has been corrected and it should work as normal now.

Annual Rollforward - Formulas staying intact, but not calculating: On occasion users noted that while the annual rollforward would seem to complete and initially things worked fine they noticed there formulas were not actually calculating. The formulas were still there intact however to get them to calculate users had to open each line and hit "update" again. This is no longer necessary as this shouldn't happen anymore.

Smart Group - Edit Item, Edit Variable Causes Infinite Load: In some situations when a user selected the smart group options of either Edit Item or Edit Variable the program would get stuck in a loading screen and not actually complete the process. This has been resolved.

Account Mask - Not Limiting Account Numbers: When users put in an account mask, that effectively had no meaning as users could enter account numbers longer than the mask. This was a necessary fix to pave the way for the rollout of consolidations.

New Note Payable - Monthly Rollforward Removing Original Balance: When performing a monthly rollforward users sometimes noted that the opening balance of the note would get wiped out. This will no longer happen.

Copy To Right - Percents will not copy into annual periods: When copying to the right if the number was formatted as a decimal it was not being copied over into annual periods. This has been fixed.

Reports - Exclude Zero Balance Accounts not working if Actuals in forecast for that range: The exclude zero balance accounts option would not work for a report if the date range has actual data that were part of that range.

Reports - Comparative Reports Showing incorrect column headings: The column headings were incorrect for comparative reports. Though they would show actual and budget data the column headers would only display "Budget". This has been fixed and should no longer happen.

Accrued Expenses - Ignoring First Payment Selection After Monthly Rollforward: If using the accrued expenses users sometimes noted that the method would ignore their choice for when the first payment is made and just default it to the beginning of the year. This has been corrected and that option should function as normal.

Reports - No Variance Calculating for Budget Vs Actual for Accumulated Depreciation: In comparative budget vs actual reports lines that are set as using the Accumulated Depreciation method would not have their variance calculated. That has been fixed and that calculation should appear.

Reports - Balance Sheet Missing Total Liabilities and Equity Calc: On the balance sheet some users noticed that the Total Liabilities and Equity calculations would not appear on the report. This has been corrected and those lines should appear.

Reports - Zero Balance Not Calculation Variance: The zero balance account calculation would not calculate for zero balance accounts which made sense but made the report look a bit messy. This has been resolved.

Prepaid Expenses - Additions Moving Month: In very rare cases users noticed that if they made monthly additions in the prepaid expense methods, somehow these were getting moved into different months after the entry was made. This has been fixed and will no longer happen.