PlanGuru App Update 1.8.1

September 28, 2022 Release - including New Features and Fixes


Deleting Assumption Tabs- While users have been able to add additional assumption tabs for quite awhile, they were not able to delete them or had to contact us to have them deleted for them. With this improvement users now are able to delete out assumption tabs on their own.

Days Cost of Sales - Ability to link to Assumption Tabs: When the Days Cost of Sales projection method was implemented it could only link to Cost of Sales items. We have now improved this so that it can now link to assumption lines as well, giving users far more flexibility when using this projection method.

Reports - Option to Exclude 0 Balance Accounts: To help make reports look more neat and presentable we have given users the ability to include zero balance accounts or not. Checking this option on will remove any accounts that have no activity for the report range from the report helping to make it a bit easier to read.

Reports - Export to PDF: Reports had initially only been able to be exported to Excel or in a jpeg or png format as static images. However now users are able to export directly to a pdf making them easier to incorporate into presentations. 

Reports - Excel Export Formatting Improvements: When the export to Excel first came out the format in which it got exported looked rather basic. This has been improved and the export now displays in a much more clean and easy to read fashion.


Bug Fixes

Assumption Calculation - Should Show Selected Account: When the Assumption Calculation method was being used it used to not show the line the method was linking to after it was selected. This could easily cause confusion when it was encountered and has now been fixed so that the line being linked to will be displayed and checked on.

Excel Import - Cannot Import & Symbol: An issue a few users ran in to who were using the Excel import, if some of their account descriptions had a & in them it was causing issues for our Excel report. Essentially the Excel book would not be able to be read and the screen where the column selections are mapped would not display or function correctly. This has been fixed and the & can be used in account descriptions without issue.

Average days to Collect/Pay Calculation - Issue with annual calculation: While this projection method worked fine with monthly periods, sometimes users noted issues when it was being applied to annual periods. This has been corrected and the method should function properly through both monthly and annual periods.

Smart Grouping - Can Add the Header to a Formula: A small issue with the formula builder that wouldn't break anything but the selection wouldn't make any sense and could cause confusion. When a smart group is created a header for the group is also created. This header could be selected to be part of a formula. This has been fixed and that header can no longer be selected.

Grouping and Subtotal Groups - Unable to add new line: If a user tried to right click on a line that is within a subtotal group, they would not get the option to add a new line, meaning they could not add new lines to groups. They had to delete the group, add the line, the create the group again. This has be resolved and lines can be added directly to groups now.

Formula Builder - Behavior of Prior Ticker in Smart Groups: When creating a smart group, if any lines used the prior ticker in the formula builder it would not be applied to the lines that were created as part of the smart group. This has been fixed and it will be applied now.

Subtotal Groups - Not collapsing when section closed: Sometimes if a section was collapsed on a financial statement, the subtotal group would not collapse. This has been corrected and it will now collapse along with the section.

Interest Expense - Double Clicking brings up Note Payable Tool if linked: When double clicking on the interest expense line, the wrong menu would come up. It would bring up a menu looking like that belonging to the note payable tool. This has been fixed and the correct menu now displays.

Adding Note Payable Interest Expense - Description Issue: A small issue where if an interest expense was added using the note payable tool, its description would display as "..." until the page was refreshed then it would display normally. This has been corrected.

Trend Method - Monthly Trend, year over year option: In rare instances the trend would only calculate for the first two years and then stop in the third. This has been fixed and it will now calculate for all forecast years.

Formula Builder - Referencing a prior period balance "Invalid Syntax": Sometimes if a formula was refencing a line that was pulling from a prior period the user would rarely receive "SYNTAX" errors. This will no longer happen.

Deleting Scenario - Performance and Hang up: On rare occasions users noted that when trying to delete a scenario the program would sometimes hang and not complete the process. This has been fixed and the process for deleting a scenario has been sped up.

Manual Entry - Changing Value In Sheet Causes Assumption Grid to Lose Values: Sometimes users noted that when editing balance sheet values in the sheet as opposed to the method selector, it would cause the method selector to lose all of its values.

Reports - Chart Options: Some of these chart options were not functioning properly. This has been fixed and all of those options should work.

Method Selector - Copy to Right for Annual Years: This was an issue limited to the growth rate method. When you entered a growth rate and copied that rate to the right, for annual periods that rate would get multiplied by 12. This no longer happens and copy to the right should function correctly in that situation.

Trend Method - Switching from Monthly Trend Of The Trailing, to Year over Year: If you switched from monthly trend to year over year, the number spinner for the number of months/years would not reset. This would cause a scenario where it was possible to have it go back more years than actual existed in the scenario causing an error. This has been fixed and will no longer happen.

Circular Reference - Total Revenue: While we prevent the user from creating circular reference calculations it was still possible to do this using the Total Revenue line. This has been fixed and can no longer be done.

Average Days to Collect - Incorrect Calculations in Annual Years: In rare instances it was possible for the Average Days to collect calculation to be thrown off and incorrect for annual periods. This will no longer occur.

Accrued Expense Method - Issue with annual calculations: This method was not calculating correctly when it came to accruing for annual periods. The calculation has been fixed and it should now calculate correctly.

Manual Entry - Entering in Assumptions grid vs Entering in sheet: There were a couple issues going on here such as copying to the right not carrying over into annual years and balance sheet entries made into the sheet not reflecting correctly in the method selector. These have been fixed and all manual entries should behave normally.

Manual Entry - Allocate Annual Amount: In rare instances when you used the "Using last years proportions" for the Allocate Annual Amount option it would only apply that to the first year and then allocate evenly after that. This has been resolved and it will now allocate it using that option for all forecast years.

Importing as an Interest Expense - Cannot Link to Line: A rare issue when a user imported a line as an interest expense and the note payable tool would still be unable to link to it even though it has the correct account type. This has been fixed and the line can be linked to.

Note Payable - Editing Notes when multiple linked to interest: If the user had multiple notes linked to one interest expense, sometimes upon editing one of the notes it would stop the interest from calculating on the other note. This has been resolved and will no longer happen.

Trends - Editing Monthly Average to Annual Average leaves Allocation dropdown blank: A small issue when switching from a monthly average to an annual one. The box where the user selects how they wont the amount allocated would blank causing the user to be unable to hit update. This has been fixed.

Monthly Rollforward - Issue with VAT/Non-calendar year/Added Tabs: In very specific situations when a user was using VAT and had a non-calendar fiscal year and they had added assumption tabs the monthly rollforward would not complete. This has been corrected.

Trailing Averages and Trends - Not Counting Actual Months in Calculation: The trend method would not take into account current year actual results into its calculations. This has been fixed and it will now do so.

Taxes Based on Net Income - Error if Account is imported: Some users noted that if they tried to the the Taxes Based on Net Income method they would receive an error though the method would still work. This only effect the account if it was imported. This bug has been corrected.

Manual Entry - Error When Editing Line if using All annual Periods: In a scenario that was using all annual periods, including for the historical periods, when making edits into the method selector for balance sheet items users would sometimes run into an error. This has been fixed and will no longer occur.

Method Selector - Add Line Showing up as Selectable option: In methods where you select a specific line to include in a calculation, the "Add Line" button that is present at the bottom of assumption tabs would show up as a line that could be selected. This no longer happens.

Current Liabilities - 'Undefined' error Message: An issue which very rarely happened, sometimes when a user added a line into the Current Liabilities section they would receive an "Undefined" error regardless of what method was being used. This didn't happen consistently but has been resolved.

Seasonality Profile - Annual Periods: The seasonality profile line would default to 0% in annual periods. This has been corrected and it now displays the correct %.

Trends and Averages - Applying Method Removes , from numbers: A small graphical issue, when users applied the Trends and Averages method sometimes it would remove the , from numbers until the page was refreshed. This has been fixed and will no longer happen.

Add Line - Issue with Adding Formulas: Some users noted problems when adding a line in the assumption section when using a formula. This was limited to just adding the line. If they added the line as a manual entry and then applied the formula it would work fine, however this is now fixed.

Other Income/Expense Depreciation Expense - Editing Note wipes out Actuals in Forecast: Infrequently users would run in to an issue where they would find that upon editing a note payable, the actuals for depreciation lines, if they were in the Other Income/Expense section would be wiped out. This will no longer happen.

Note Payable - Undefined (Setting Height) Error: On very rare occasions users would receive this error when trying to link and then unlink an interest expense. This would not happen all the time and was rare however it was still been fixed and will no longer happen.

Interest Expense - Cannot Delete if unlinked: Rarely users noticed they they were unable to delete out an Interest Expense line even if it was unlinked from the note that it was calculating off of. This has been corrected and will no longer happen.

Note Payable - Editing Note causing Interest to double: Some users noted a rare issue effecting lines using the Note Payable tool. They noted that every time they went in to the line and hit Update, it would cause the interest calculation to double. This has been fixed and will no longer happen.