PlanGuru App Update 1.8.0

July 27, 2022 Release - including New Features and Fixes


Create User/Permissions - UI Overhaul: Overhauled the UI in order to now work with the greatly expanded permissions and user rolls we have available

Ratios Tab - General Cleanup: Made a series of small improvements to the ratios tab cleaning up various small issues

Expanded Permissions - Greatly expanded how granular users can set permissions now. Users are now able to be given access all the way down to specific sheets within a scenario (income statement/balance sheet/any assumption tab). This allows users far greater control when adding users to their company.

Add Delete Company Button - A small improvement that allows the user to delete their company from the home screen.

Monthly Rollforward - Add prompt to archive budget: Like we do in the desktop program, we now ask if you want to archive your budget before performing a monthly rollforward.

Import Mapping - Account Order when not using Account Numbers: An improvement that was made so that sub accounts will stay next to their parent account in the default account order when users aren't using account numbers.

Reports - Duplicating Scenario should Duplicate Reports: When you duplicate a scenario it will now have all of the reports that the original scenario had.

Reports - Formatting of Subtotal Groups: A small improvement that displays subtotal groups more clearly in reports.



Excel Import - Cash Accounts Showing up in Move Screen: After mapping cash accounts were showing up in the account order screen even though they shouldn't be.

Deleting Variable from Added Assumption Tab - Resolved a rare issues when sometimes deleting a variable from a smart group caused an error.

Deleting Smart Group - Created Separators Cannot be Deleted: Fixed an issue where the separator clines created as part of a smart group would stay in the sheet even when the smart group was deleted.

Client User - Permissions when duplicating a scenario: Solved an issue where a duplicated scenario would not give access to the user who duplicated it originally.

Assumptions and KPIs - "Phantom" actuals showing in forecast: Fixed a rare bug when actuals showing up in the forecast tab would differ from actuals showing up in the actuals tab.

Assumption Tab - Changing Name Causes Error: Resolved an issue where changing the name of an added assumption tab caused an error.

Import Mapping Screen - Revenue Showing up Under Assets: Fixed a rare graphical issue where Revenue was showing up under Assets in the mapping screen.

Accumulated Depreciation - Actuals not matching Forecast: Resolved a rare problem where the actuals showing up in the forecast tab would differ from actuals showing up in the actuals tab.

Import - Issues around duplicate descriptions: If users didn't use account numbers and had multiple accounts with the same name this had caused issues with out import process combining those results. This no longer happens.

Retained Earnings - Getting bumped to the top of Stockholder Equity when importing: When importing Retained Earnings kept getting bumped to the top of the Stockholder Equity section. It will no longer do this.

Note Payable - Decimal in Payment Amount causes error: Fixed a problem when having a decimal in the payment amount amount caused an error in the calculation for the note.

Note Payable Wizard - Interest Expense Calc Incorrect for Annual Years: Corrected an issue where the interest expense calculation became incorrect when it switched into annual periods.

#DIV0 Still Showing- In some areas #DIV0 was still showing up when it should be surpesed as a 0.

Smart Group - Copied Decimal Items Showing as Whole Numbers: Fixed a small issue where variables copied as part of a smart group would show as whole numbers even if they were originally formatted as decimals.

Formula - Broken Reference to Smart Group Line: In a very very rare case a formula referencing a variable in a smart group was switched to reference the smart group's header which should not be possible. This has been fixed.

Formula Builder - Infinite Load if Manually Edited Several Times: Fixed an extremely rare issue if a line was manually entered into several times and then switched to the formula method.

Manual Entry - Double Clicking Average Cell: In the method selector double clicking the Average calculation should load those results throughout the forecast. It wasn't working but has been fixed.

Growth Rate - Month over Month showing decimals: Solved an issue when switching to the month over month growth rate would result in decimals populating in the sheet.

Change Cash and Cash Equivalents Description - Fixed an issue where you could not edit the description for the Cash and Cash Equivalents line.

Move Account Window - Clicking out of Ends Import: Resolved an issue where clicking out of the Move Account Window during the import process ended the import without finishing the process.

Assumptions - Trends and Averages Method, cannot choose number format: Users can now format assumption lines when using the Trends and Averages method.

Growth Rate - Link to % Assumption when Copying logic: Previously this would not save the line that was linked to when pasting that logic. It now correctly remembers that line.

Separators - Unable to edit description: Enabled the editing of separators in the assumptions section.

Average Days to Collect - Cannot Select Total Revenue: Users can now select "Total Revenue" when using the average days to collect method. Previously this was not selectable.

Note Payable Interest Expense -  This issue dealt with add a new interest expense in a scenario that had annual periods. It would display what the December interest expense would be rather than the combined full year number. This has been fixed.

Creating Smart Group - Can click OK without filling out all boxes: Users used to be able to click OK and create the smart group without naming the other items in it. This is no longer possible.

Growth Rate - Link to % Not saving % Used: Fixed an issue some users ran in to when if you linked to an assumption % in the growth rate, though it would calculate correctly, that choice wouldn't save.

Current Liabilities - Switch Default Account Type to "Other Current Liabilities": Switched the default account type to "Other Current Liabilities" rather than "Trade Payable" when importing into the Current Liabilities section.

Monthly Rollforward - Properties of undefined (reading 'companySubjectToVat') Error: This error would rarely pop up when users performed a monthly rollforward. This no longer happens.

Manual Entry - Changing Value In Sheet Causes Assumption Grid to Lose Values: Fixed an issue where in balance sheet accounts that had additions in the assumptions grid would lose those additions if manual entries were made in sheet.

Annual Rollforward - Can do rollforward without naming scenario: Stopped the user from performing an annual rollforward without giving a name to the scenario.

Add Account - Cannot Add Above Group: Fixed a small issue where you couldn't add a line above a group because "Add Account" would not appear when right clicking on a group header.

Method Selector - Copy to Right: Resolved an issue where copy to the right would sometimes not work correctly for annual periods in the method selector.

Circular Reference - Total Revenue: Fixed an issue where it was still possible to create circular references if a user was referencing Total Revenue.

Interest Expense - Not Calculating if Note is payed off in Annual Period: Solved an issue when if the user had a note that was paid off in an annual period, the interest would not calculate for that period.

Assumptions Import - Results only ever import into 1st tab: Fixed a very rare issue when data that was supposed  to be imported into different assumption tabs got imported into the original assumption tab.

Annual Rollforward - Just Spins: In some rare cases users experience an infinite load screen when performing an annual rollforward. This has been fixed.

Days Cost of Sales and Average Days to Collect - Clicking Average in Method Selector Does Nothing: Similar to another issue fixed, clicking on the average row did nothing. It will now populate an average % in the forecast months.

Existing Note Linking to Existing Interest Expense: Resolved an issue where linking to an existing interest expense line in a note payable would wipe out the historical data of that interest expense line.

Monthly Rollforward - Issue with VAT/Non-calendar year/Added Tabs: Fixed an issue a small number of users ran in to if they were using VAT and the company had a non-calendar fiscal year setup with added assumption tabs.

Linking to Assumption Tab - Causing SYNTAX Error: Fixed a rare problem when trying to link to a line in the assumptions section resulted in the user receiving a SYNTAX error.

Manual Entry Balance Sheet - Manual Entry grid does not work with annual periods: Resolved a problem with manual entries made in the method selector not showing up for annual periods.

Deleting Accumulated Depreciation - Receiving Error even when everything is unlinked: On rare occasions users would receive an error when trying to duplicate an accumulated depreciation line even when everything was unlinked from it.

Ratios Tab - Days Receivable and Days inventory Not Calculating: Fixed a problem with the calculations for Days Receivable and Days Inventory no actually calculating anything.