PlanGuru App Update 1.7.1

October 20, 2021 Release - including New Features and Fixes


VAT/GST - Cash and Accrual: Introducing the new VAT/GST feature. This tool can accommodate for bath Cash and Accrual VAT calculation as well as accommodating for the use of multiple VAT rates.


Import - Current Assets Default Account Type: Switched the default account type from Cash to Other Current Assets when mapping in to the Current Assets Section.

Note Payable Wizard - If switching an imported account to an existing loan, it will not calculate prior historical balance: Resolved a rarely occurring issue where if the user switched note from being new to an existing line, it would not calculate the most recent historical balance for that note.

Copy/Paste - Behavior of Month over Month Growth Rate: Fixed an issue where pasted logic would not save the growth rate entry if the user was using a month to month growth rate in the original line.

Smart Grouping - Can still Delete if Formula is referncing: Solved an issue where the user was still able to delete a smart group if even lines were referencing its totals.

Smart Grouping - Can Add the Header to a Formula: Disabled the ability to select a smart group header as part of a formula.

Imported Depreciation Expense - Giving Errors when trying to link: Fixed an issue where users would receive an error when trying to link to an accumulated depreciation expense if that account had been imported.

Annual Rollforward - Breaking Formulas: Resolved a very rare issue when performing an annual rollforward would break formulas in the rolled forward scenario.

Annual Setup - Unable to add accounts: Solved an issue where scenarios that were set up only using annual periods were unable to manually add new accounts.

Manual Entry - Apply Monthly Amount: Fixed an issue where the Monthly amount entered would only apply to the first month and wouldn't carry over to the next months.

Blank Account Type: Resolved a bug where sometimes the Account Type of a line would default to being blank, causing an error when trying to update it until an account type was selected.

One Item Smart Groups - Breaking Smart Group: If a user had a smart group of just one item the totals for it would be broken. This has been fixed.

Grouping and Subtotal Groups - Unable to add new line: Fixed an issue where users were unable to add new lines to groups.

Editing Retained Earnings - SYNTAX Error: Fixed an error where manually adding adjustments to retained earnings could cause SYNTAX errors in the sheet.

Monthly Rollforward - companySubjecttoVat Error: Resolved a bug that would sometimes results in the user receiving a "companySubjecttoVat" error upon performing a monthly rollforward.

Editing Group Names - Not changing name: Fixed a rare problem where if the user edited the name of a group the change would not save.

Days Cost of Sales - Problem with Selecting Individual Lines: Solved an issue if the user was checking on multiple Cost of Sales lines it would only calculate the Days Cost of Sales calculation for the first selected line.

Smart Group - Add Item does not copy "Accumulate Amount" option from formula: Fixed a small issue where if the original item that was made into a smart group used the formula method with the "Accumulate Amount" option checked on, it would not copy over to the rest of the items in the smart group when it got created.

Account Type Mismatch: Resolved a rarely encountered bug where upon re-importing data the import would hit an "Account Type Mismatch" error.

Grouping Total Line - Disappearing "Total": Fixed a rare graphical issue where upon collapsing and expanding a group the total line would disappear.