PlanGuru App Update 1.7

September 19, 2021 Release - including New Features and Fixes

What's New

  1. VAT/GST Calculations  

    Adding specific VAT rates is done in company setup. During the import, at the top of the mapping screen the user can select which VAT rate to apply to all imported accounts as the default. This should greatly reduce the number of accounts they have to switch the VAT rate for or mark as not subject to VAT.

    VATGSTScreen Shot 2021-09-28 at 4.13.38 PM
  2. Formula Builder - Added Sum Function

    The formula builder now has the SUM function. This combined with : makes adding custom totals far easier.


    image (11)
  3. Assumptions and KPIs – Having Decimals in the Factor

    Previously you could only enter whole numbers as the factor when linking to an assumption line. Now you can have decimals like adding 1.75 instead of having to round to 2.

    Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 4.23.23 PM
  4. Blank Spacer Rows 

    In any Assumptions tab, when you right click to add a separator, you now have two choices, to make just a blank spacer row, or to add a header which enables a title box for the header.

    Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 4.16.49 PM


Average Days to Collect/Pay – Calculation Issue with Annual Periods: This would calculate fine up until the calculation went in to annual periods, then it became far too large. This has been brought in line to match what desktop does, dividing the annual value by 12 to give a more realistic balance.


Editing Retained Earnings Causing SYNTAX Error: When you edited retained earnings it would cause that line and cash to get a SYNTAX error in every month. This has been fixed.


Account Type mismatch causing incorrect Actual Results in Forecast: Imported accounts could rarely run in to an issue where their account type got mismatched, causing the wrong actual numbers to show up in the forecast (though they would be correct in the actual tab). Editing the line and hitting OK fixed this, however this has been resolved.


Incorrect Days Cost of Sales Calculation when selecting individual lines: The calculation for Days CoS would be incorrect if you chose individual lines rather than the total. Selecting the total would give you a correct calculation. This has been fixed.


Editing Imported Interest Expense Account- Showing Incorrect Menu: If you marked an account with the interest expense account type during the import, after the import double clicking it would bring up the wrong menu. It would bring up something like a shortened version of the note payable tool that you couldn’t do anything with. This has been fixed.


Editing Group Name Not Changing Name: When you edited the name of a group after it had been created, the group wouldn’t update and the change wouldn’t take. It would just keep the original name.


Monthly Rollforward Error: When a scenario was being rolled forward the user got an error reading “CompanySubhectotoVAT Error”. This only happened with one scenario but should not happen going forward.


Disappearing “Total” Group Line: Sometimes if groups were collapsed in certain ways, expanding it again would cause the individual lines of the group to show, but not the total itself. This has been fixed.


Group and Subtotal Groups – Unable to add new lines: When smart groups came out we prevented the user from manually adding new lines to them, however this also got applied to subtotal groups and regular groups. This has been fixed and you can now add accounts to regular lines.


One item Smart Group breaks Group: Adding a smart group of only one item would break the smart group making it unable to be used. This will no longer happen.


Manual Entry – Apply Monthly Amount: When you entered the monthly amount into the first month it wouldn’t automatically fill out the rest of the months, just the first month of each year. This has been fixed.


Annual Setup – Unable to add accounts: If a user has a fully annual setup (no monthly years at all for historical and forecast) then they were unable to add accounts. This has been fixed.


Annual Roll forward – Breaking Formulas: When a scenario was rolled forward formulas would break. They would hold their values but if you the user went in to look at the formula itself the box would just be blank. This has been fixed.


Annual Roll forward – Unable to Roll Forward if too much copy/pasted data: If the user had copy and pasted a large amount of data into their scenario it would prevent the annual roll forward from completing.


Imported Depreciation Expense Account – Error when trying to Link: If you imported a depreciation expense account and tried to link it to an accumulated line, you would receive an error when hitting to update.


Smart Group Formula – Can Add Header to Formula: If the user was working with a formula inside of a smart group, they could grab header rows as part of the formula causing it to calculate incorrectly.


Smart Group – Can delete even if formula is referencing it: The user could still delete a smart group even if there was a formula somewhere else that was pointing to it. Normally this would be disallowed and it now is.


Copy/Paste Logic – Behavior of Month over Month Growth Rate: If you copy and pasted a data set that had a line using a month over month growth rate, it wouldn’t copy this rate over correctly. Month over Month would still be selected but their rate would be blank.


Copy/Paste Logic – Pasting into Different Assumption Tab: This would largely not work if pasting into a different assumption tab from where you copied. It would create the lines but carry over none of the methods. This has been fixed.


Note Payable Wizard – Switching Imported account to be an Existing Loan: If you imported an account, then later switched it to use the Note Payable, Existing Loan Method, it would not grab the historical balance even though it was in the sheet, the user has to enter it manually. This has been fixed so the tool knows to just grab that value.