PlanGuru Analytics - What new users should know before signing up

How PlanGuru Analytics subscriptions work

Before signing up  it’s important to understand some basics about how PlanGuru Analytics is organized.   All data sharing occurs within a Subscription, so if you plan to use this tool collaboratively with others the first step is to identify the “Subscription Administrative User” (SAU).

The "Sign Up" button on the PlanGuru Analytics home page will prompt you to create a new subscription.  The individual who fills this out will become the SAU.  The SAU will be at the hub of the product, and will be responsible for creating new users and companies as well as assigning permissions to other users.

If you’re planning to share data with others you’ll need to be on the same subscription.

Who should be the SAU?

The SAU will be responsible for managing the entire PlanGuru Analytics subscription; this individual typically should also be a user of the PlanGuru Core Product (PlanGuru 2013).   

  • If you’re a CPA or other adviser who wants to use PlanGuru Analytics with several clients from a single login, you’ll want to be the SAU.
  • If you’re a CFO, Controller or manager of the budgeting process at your company you will be the SAU.
  • If you’re using PlanGuru collaboratively with your CPA, part time CFO or other adviser they will most likely be the SAU, and they will add you to their subscription.

Next Steps

  • If you plan to be the SAU, simply click the “Sign Up” button on the PlanGuru Analytics Home Page, and begin the process of creating a new subscription.   Once this is complete additional users will be quick and easy.   Learn more about Subscription Management.
  • If you’re CPA, adviser or colleague is likely to be the SAU please contact them and request that they add you to their subscription or create a new subscription.  The only information they'll need is your name and e-mail address.  Once added to their subscription you'll receive an e-mail detailing the next steps.


Getting your subscription setup correctly from the start will save time, so if you have any questions please submit an inquiry to our Help Desk or call for additional assistance.