PlanGuru Analytics - Notes, Feedback and Enhancements in Progress

PlanGuru Analytics users,

The goal of this knowledge base post is to provide insight on upcoming enhancement,  open items and news about PlanGuru Analytics.

Upcoming Enhancements:

Here are just a few of the enhancements we are working on:

Saved Reports (views)

Currently all reporting is done on an ad-hock basis, meaning that each reporting page reverts back to the default settings when you log in.  Once you change report pages from the default, for example you add a chart or choose to highlight variances, these settings are only retained for a limited period of time and must be reselected every time you want to review this report.  This makes collaborating with clients / colleagues more challenging because report settings (Format, charts, filtering options) are all selected a la carte.  

With the saved reports enhancement you can define the format and option combinations that are most important to you or your clients, then save those "views".  Saved views can be named and easily recalled to create a "report book"  that captures all of the most important selections of data that you plan to review on a recurring basis.   Development is in progress and due out in mid February

Shared/Common Dashboard 

Currently dashboards need to be configured by each individual user, again this makes efficient collaboration a bit harder.  For example say you want to configure a dashboard for yourself and the other users who access your subscription, currently you will need to replicate this dashboard for each user by logging with their credentials, or providing detailed instructions so that they can configure the dashboard on their own. 

With the shared dashboard enhancement administrative users will be able to set an analysis level dashboard that will be shared with all users who have access to that analysis.  Also, each user will still retain the ability to have a personal dashboard that can be set to their liking. In sum this enhancement allows users to easily collaborate around a shared/ "official" dashboard while retain the ability to have their own personal dashboard. Development is in progress and due out in mid February

Commenting Feature

In the spirit of enabling efficient collaboration we're designing a commenting feature that will allow users to make comments on dashboards and financial results.  This way consumers of the data (your clients & colleagues) can ask questions about the numbers or suggest changes to dashboards.  Administrative users will then be able to log-in, review the comments, take appropriate action and clear the comments as needed  Item is in the design phase, but we hope to have it out by the end of the first quarter of 2014.

Notifications Feature

We're designing an optional notification feature that will send e-mail notifications to users when key changes are made to PlanGuru Analytics.  We fee that this feature will further the collaborative value of PlanGuru Analytics and keep users in the loop when action is required.  Item is in the design phase, but we hope to have it out by the end of the first quarter of 2014.

Performance Matrix

A "Performance Matrix" feature will allow users to quickly track performance against established goals in an attractive and color coded grid.   The contents of the grid (the goals) would be defined by users by selecting a categories representing key financial results & KPIs then establishing the 'performance thresholds' for each respective goal. Grid contents would display color coded tiles reading "Miss" "Hit" or "out perform" (performance scores).  The performance scores will be based on the budget vs actual results and the established KPI thresholds.

Dashboard Related Enhancements

 There are a number of exciting enhancements that we plan to make to our dashboards in addition to the sharing feature.  Some of these ideas include  1) double click a dashboard item to enlarge it  2) add multiple categories to a dashboard item.  There are many others, but these are just a few.



  • Currently "Internet Explorer" is an unsupported browser.   There are many documented issues with the newer versions of IE that we are currently in the process of correcting.  While we regret the inconvenience that this creates, we suggest that you use on of these supported browsers (FireFox, Chrome or Safari) while we work out these issues.
  • Deployment calendar.  Currently we plan to release new deployments of PlanGuru Analytics every two weeks.  New deployments require no action on your part, but in effort to keep you in the loop we will be sending out notification e-mails to all PlanGuru Analytics users informing them of the new features available in these deployments.


Feedback > Ideas > Improvements

We're very interested to learn what you have to say about PlanGuru Analytics.  With this in mind we've created a short survey that can be completed in 5 minutes by clicking this link.  By completing this survey you'll be providing us with important feedback that will help us continue to improve the product.