PlanGuru Release Notes

We are excited to announce the release of PlanGuru version This update includes several bugfixes but also a number of big improvements listed below:


Mass Import – Excel: Last update we had released the mass import utility but it only worked with Quickbooks desktop. You can now run a mass import from Excel as well. There are a few requirements to doing so (see this Knowledge Base post for more information: Note that in order to run an Excel Mass Import, you have to run an individual import in to at least two analysis files in the same company to be given the option.


Copy/Paste Non-Financial Logic: We often find that users need to iterate their non-financial logic several times over, such as when you are projecting for multiple products. Creating all of those lines individually can be a tedious process however we now have the ability in the non-financial section to highlight a range of items, copy them, then paste further down in the Non-Financial section. This saves from having to create the same lines over and over again. The logic of the pasted lines will be relative, meaning if you have a set of formulas that reference each other in a group, the pasted lines will infer that same methodology and use the same formulas but in reference to their own, new group, not the ones they were copied from.


Improved PlanGuru Backup Utility: In older versions when a file got corrupted it was still sometimes possible for a user to open their analysis even though there would no longer be anything in it. This would cause a problem as PlanGuru backs up the analysis every time it is successfully opened meaning in the case mentioned above we would back up the now corrupted file. PlanGuru now compares the filesize of the analysis and the most recent backup we have and if a large discrepancy in filesize is noticed the user is warned that the file is potentially corrupted and opening could ruin their backup.


Monthly Rollforward Button: We have given this option its own button rather than putting it under Change Analysis Setup>Projection Periods. This makes this option more visible and saves users from having to go through multiple menus to find and should hopefully cut down on confusion as to what is meant by “rollforward”. This button directly takes you to the "Use actual results in budget/forecast though" option.


Bug fixes: Several bugs and issues were resolved in this update. This included an issue with converting an existing category to a payroll schedule, as well as fixing a calculation problem with the “Trends and Averages” projection method. Another notable issue fixed in this update was with the mass delete option being able to delete the “Cash and Cash Equivalents” line. This has been fixed and is no longer possible.