PGA Release Notes - 2/15/2014 Deployment

PlanGuru Analytics Users,

Here is a list of some of the improvements that have been rolled out for this deployment

Saved Views: Deployment 11 brings an entirely new functionality to Analytics. Now you have the ability to save a pre-configured report that will be shared with all other users with access to this analysis. In that past reports need to be re-run every time the want to view them, now they will have these important reports at the tip of their fingers.  With this enhancement Analytics makes it even easier to share data and collaborate with your users.

Dashboard & Report Tab Display Improvements:  In this deployment we've changed the coloring of dashboard results and reports column headers.  This was done to create consistent coloring of budget & actual data allowing you to more easily interpret results.  In addition variance and % variance columns are shaded in grey, making it easier for the user to distinguish between the columns. The Budget column tab will now be shaded in a darker blue, again to make it easier to distinguish from the rest of the headings.  We've also removed select border formatting to improve the aesthetics of the reporting pages.

Dashboard Item Formatting - Add "%" to axis when category value is a percentage: When a dashboard was made from an item formatted as a % in PlanGuru, the Y-axis would not show a percent sign. As of deployment 11 Dashboard items will now show a % in the Y-axis, if that item was formatted as a percent in the core product.

Financial & Data Pages - Added Logic to hide "Actual results" when none are uploaded: In previous versions of Analytics there actually was no way to view a full year of budgeted data. As of deployment 11 you now have the ability to view a full year of budgeted data if you do not use actuals. Analytics will pull in budgeted data for any actual period that has no results.

Category selection improvement (1/3/2014 Deployment) : When editing an existing dashboard item, the customer had to un-check the previously selected category before selecting a new one. As of deployment 8 this has been fixed. Now the selecting of a new category prompts a message that a category has already been selected, and asks you to confirm your new selection. Confirmation of this will automatically un-check the old selection.

Financial Data Sheets and charts - Option retention within page when format is changed (1/3/2014 Deployment) When a user wanted to change the format of a chart within Analytics, they would have to re-enter all of their formatting choices. So for example, if they wanted to switch from current year trend to multi-year trend, their chart would disappear. They would have to un-check, and then re-check a category and select “update chart” for the chart to display again. This was fixed in deployment 8 so that now the chart will automatically update when you change the format.

-PlanGuru Team