PGA Deployment Notes - 5/23/14 Deployment

Hello Planguru Analytics users, we are pleased to announce some big improvements that have been deployed to the Planguru Analytics website.


The Premium Group Plan – This is a special deal that has just been released.You can sign up to this new subscription plan which will give you 4 users for $59.95 per month and any user added on after the fourth will be $14.95 per user per month as opposed to the normal $19.95. The Premium Group Plan will also give you access to the new branding feature.  If you're interested in switching to this new plan contact the Sales or Support team to change your plan.


The Branding Feature This new feature is only available to users who have signed up for the Premium Group Plan. This will allow you to customize the Planguru Analytics web page itself, giving you the ability to create a customized color scheme and add your own company logo to the top of the page. This feature also gives you the ability to add a custom footer to the page. This gives an added level of professionalism and custom branding to your subscription.


The Scorecard Feature – The scorecard provides a graphical representation as to whether targets are being missing, made, or exceeded through a color coded score matrix.   The scorecard can be customized to display your key goals and their attainment for each month of the year.  Scores for each goal a presented by evaluating budget vs. actual results and returning an attainment score and color based on the goal thresholds you've set.


12 Month Rolling Forecast – This new report format provides a rolling 12 month window into your forecasted financials. Access the 12 month rolling forecast format in the “Quick Reports” tab. This will give you the ability to show your customers or coworkers a financial picture that projects 12 months into the future relative to the month in the Period drop down.


Changes to CAU role permissions – The CAU role has been changed. Now when they are given access to a company, they are given access to every analysis in the company by default. Users found that this was an easier way of creating a “blanket user” within a company without having to assign access to each analysis individually.


Addition of the SSU Role – This deployment sees the release of a new role in Analytics, that of the SSU. This role is similar to the SAU. They will have access to all companies and analyses, and will be able to assign users to these companies and analyses. In addition, they will be able to add users. They will not be able to change billing information or cancel the subscription.


Upload file size increase – Some analyses were unable to be loaded in to the Analytics website because they went over the file size limit. This limit has now been raised so that the site will be able to accommodate analyses of all sizes.