PGA 3/7/2014 – Deployment Notes

Hello PlanGuru Analytics users.

We are pleased to announce that as of today, 3/10/2014, we've released a new deployment of PlanGuru Analytics.   While this deployment does not contain a high volume of improvements, we feel that the roll out of the "Shared Dashboard" feature consitutes a significant improvement to the application.  Here are the changes and improvements have been made to PlanGuru Analytics:


Shared Dashboard: The biggest improvement made in this release is the addition of the “Shared Dashboard” feature. This will allow users to configure customized dashboards, and then share those with other users. Prior to this enhancement each user's dashboard was their own personal view of high level financial performance and KPIs, meaning each user's dashboard was configured independent of other users. This improvement makes it much easier to collaborate, and share information.  Enable shared dashboards by going to the Analysis page and enabling the shared dashboard feature.  Once this action has been taken all users with access to that analysis will see the shared dashboard and their own personal dashboard.

Ratios: Format Fixes - A number of users had noted that the ratios tab was displaying incorrect results for certain formats.  This issue has been fixed.

Other Metrics: Missing data, variance calculations – Some users noted that when they went in to their “Other Metrics” tab, the variance percent was off when they were using “Budget vs Actual YTD”, “This period vs same period prior year YTD”, and “Current year trend”.  This issue has been fixed.

We hope you appreciate these improvements, but also want to let you know that there are many more to come in the near future.  Please see this article for details on the next round of enhancement and improvements.


PlanGuru Development Team