Note Amortization Schedules - Reporting

Currently Planguru doesn't allow you to automatically print Loan Amortization schedules.  We plan to add this feature in a future version of the product; however, the goal of this post is to demonstrate a work around that will allow you to get your Note Amortization schedules into Excel.


1. Open the Notes Payable Wizard for the Note that you'd like to produce a printed amortization schedule for. And Advance to the dialog that shows the amortization schedule.

2. Highlight and displayed columns in the Amortization Schedule Window and press the "CTRL"+"C" buttons on your keyboard. This will copy the contents to your Windows Clipboard.

3. Open an Excel Worksheet and press the "CTRL"+"V" buttons on your keyboard. This will paste the contents of your clipboard into Excel

All relevant note data is included in the Loan Amortization schedule. Even data that is not normally shown such as the interest rate % will be copied over.

  1. Format the report in Excel to display how you would like it printed.