Entering data manually into your Income Statement

How to use Manual Entry in your Income Statement



While PlanGuru offers an array of projection methods depending on which section you are currently working in, users will always have the option to enter data manually by using the "Manual Entry" option. 


PlanGuru's projection methods will appear to the user whenever an account is being added, or a current account is being edited. You can add/edit an account by right-clicking on the account, and then selecting "Add Account" or "Edit." The projection method "Manual Entry" will be the first of the projection methods in the window that appears.



There are three different method options within the Manual Entry projection method, which can be found on the right-hand side of the screenshot above. The first option "Enter Directly into Cells" gives you the ability to do exactly that - enter the data directly into the cells in that account.



The second method option of manual entry is the "Apply Monthly Amount' option. This option allows the user to enter in a monthly amount that will be displayed each month for the year it is entered.


Based on the data I entered above, here is how it would look in the scenario if I scrolled over to the month of September in 2019. 



You'll notice in the account "Manual Entry (O2)" that the amount 12,000 is constant throughout the year of 2019, and then it changes to 15,000 in the year 2020.


Manual entry's third and final method option is called "Allocate Annual Amount." Within the allocate annual amount feature, you can select either one of two options: "Evenly between months" or "Using last year's proportions." The latter option is useful when dealing with an account affected by seasonality. For example, a store that sells primarily winter gear is going to have much higher revenue in the winter as opposed to the summer, and thus the forecast should reflect as such. 

For this example, however, we will demonstrate the "evenly between months" method.