Formula Builder Changes in v8.0.0.9

We have made some changes and improvements with the formula builder and this Knowledge Base post will take you through those changes.


  1. Double Click To Add Items: 

You now have the option to just double click on an item in the category selector window to add it to the formula rather than having to click it once then hit “Insert Category”. You can still do it the old way, however double clicking will be faster.


  1. Editing Within Category:

Rather than having to wipe out the formula and start from the beginning you can now edit from within the category itself. You can do this by clicking on a formula element then double clicking on the line item you want to slip it out for, or click a math operator to swap it out for one of those. You can also click in a blank spot in the formula to insert directly into that spot.


  1. Calculate Historical Using Formula.

While in a previous version we had the ability to calculate actual results using a formula, you can now do this with historical data as well.