Excel Import Issue : Database Error - The cross reference file could not be read

One common error message encountered when users are trying to import from Excel is as follows:

Database Error


The cross reference file could not be read

Error Message: Could not find file 'C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\PlanGuru\1631344 ONTARIO INC dba ALLBRITE GLASS TINT\Branch 100 101.accdb'.

Source of Error: Microsoft Office Access Database Engine"


For each PlanGuru analysis there is an .xml, and .accdb (MS Access) file. This error message occurs when the Access database file is not in the correct location. Your xml file is in the right location (otherwise you wouldn’t be able to open the analysis) but PG cannot find the accompanying Access file. Changing the location of your data files is usually what causes this.


The solution is to find the missing .accdb file and put it in the correct location.

Finding the accdb file: The file your looking for should be titled "ananlysis_name.accdb". Thus if you are trying to import into analysis "3 Year Projection" open your looking for a file called titled "3 Year Projection.accdb". If you moved your data files, and remember their original location this is the most likely where they reside. If you don’t know where the files orginally were I’d recommend searching for it by going to your windows Start button and use the Search utility and type in 3 Year Projection.accdb.

Placing the .accdb file in the correct location: Once you’ve located that file move it to where your other data files are located (you can find the target directory from within PlanGuru by going up to File>Firm Information> Change Data path, the location highlighted in blue is where PlanGuru is pointing. Your .accdb file should reside, one level down within the respective company folder).


PlanGuru Support Team