Error 50003

An error 50003 when trying to print a report occurs for one of two reasons:

1. If you are running PlanGuru on a 64-bit computer, you will need to navigate to your PlanGuru folder (by default, \Program Files (x86)\PlanGuru) and double-click the file 'CR9Deploy.reg'. Running this file adds a registry entry necessary for printing in a 64-bit environment.

2. An error 50003 can also mean that a PlanGuru file was not registered properly with Windows during installation. In this case, you need to re-install PlanGuru. When re-installing we suggest you use the Run as Administrator feature (click this link for more information) Re-installing the software will not impact any company data files that you've added. Make sure that all other applications are closed prior to re-installing. If you receive an error message during installation, you will need to contact technical support with the exact error message for further assistance.

-PlanGuru Support