All Equity Accounts assigned to Retained earnings

One common issue users encounter during QuickBooks import is the mapping of equity accounts when using the "Assign accounts automatically" option. When these circumstances are met all QuickBooks equity accounts are mapped to retained earnings.  


Here is the cause and solution to this issue:

"If all QB capital accounts have the QB type of ‘Equity’, then the accounts will be grouped into one Retained Earnings account in PlanGuru. That is because we only allow one retained earnings account and we automatically map QB ‘Equity’ accounts to retained earnings.

That behavior is appropriate. QB used to have an account type of ‘Capital’; however, it appears to no longer exist. So I assume all capital accounts in QB have their account type set to Equity.

WORK AROUND:  If the user wants the accounts to come over differently, here is what can be done:

1. Import using the AutoAssign

2. When the user gets to the 'Assign Accounts' window, uncheck all the QB equity accounts except for Retained Earnings and reassign them as he wishes into the Capital Stock section.