Advanced Reporting Add-In V4 Release Notes:

Releasing alongside our 2014 version is V4 of the Advanced Reporting Add-In. Both are now available for download. You can see some of the key improvements to the add-in here:


Year To Date Functionality: A new feature to V4, the add-in now allows you to pull in year to date data. This will greatly increase the ease of use for users who wanted to accomplish this, but had to use formulas to manually re-create that data. Note that only analyses opened, and saved in our 2014 version will be able to make use of the YTD functionality.


Member Insert Window Will Now Stay Open: Another added feature that will increase the ease of use of the add-in, when you are setting up your report, the member insert window will now stay open. This will prevent users from having to insert something, and then re-open the window.


Advanced Layout Settings:  New to this version of the add-in is the advanced layout feature. This allows you to dictate the layout of your report on a per worksheet basis. In past versions the report layout was uniform across all sheets of the workbook.


Account Number Turning in to a Date Issue: Some customers ran in to an issue where their account numbers kept turning in to dates upon insertion. This would cause the add-in to be unable to pull in results for that category. This issue has been fixed as of V4.


Retrieve By Account Number: In prior versions of the add-in users would have trouble inserting different categories that shared the same description. This would happen even if they were differentiated by a different account number in the analysis. In this version of the add-in you have the option to pull in results based on account numbers, avoiding the problem of duplicate account descriptions.


Error Message Improvements: The wording of error messages given by the product has been improved to give the user a better idea of what is actually causing the problem.