Adding a Reference Line

In PlanGuru V7 we have given you the ability to add a customized calculation in to your financial sheets called a reference line. Currently reference lines can only be inserted outside of a class, but we plan on changing this eventually. These reference lines are for calculating things such as a gross profit margin and do not effect the bottom line of any financial sheet you insert them in to.


To add a reference line, start by right clicking where you want to insert it and choose the "Add Reference Line" option.

Once you choose that option you will be brought to the new formula builder. Though it looks a bit different then it used to, it functions the same way as the old formula builder. Insert whatever elements you want to the formula then hit OK.

Once you hit OK you will be at the last screen of the "Reference Line" utility. Here you will name the reference line, and choose final options such as how you want the number to appear (percent, decimal, whole number) and what style you want it to show in (bold, italics, etc.). Once that is done the setup is complete.

The reference line is fully compatible with the reports coming out of the program and reports generated using the advanced reporting add-in.