About our Modeling Samples

Dear PlanGuru Customers,

This section of our modeling samples are an interactive approach to sharing modeling techniques we think are helpful.   Each topic addresses a specific accounting or forecasting scenario and illustrates how it can be modeled in PlanGuru.

The Modeling Samples all follow a simple format.  An accounting or forecasting scenario is presented on a conceptual level along with accompanying PlanGuru analysis files.   Save the provided folder and its contents into your PlanGuru data file path.  For more information on how to locate and save files into your data file path please see this post on the subject

Review the modeled categories by double clicking on each row highlighted with a red "comments box" in the upper right hand corner of the description. From there navigate to the comments tab to review the modeling notes along with the information in the "Method/Assumptions" tab.

We hope you find these topics helpful, and as always feedback is encouraged.


-PlanGuru Support Team